Monday, 23 June 2014

Fellow reversed artist : Craig Hawkins

Someone elses back of the head drawings. 'notice series'. Interesting way of looking at it. 


This series is composed of sixteen nontraditional portraits; each life-size drawing is of a person’s head back and shoulders. The charcoal drawings are mounted on canvas that sits on the wall like a stage, unsheltered by glass. The Notice series all started with a simple question: “If I walked into a room filled with these portraits, would I feel ignored?” The opposite happened. After the first four portraits were complete, I submitted them for critique. Instead of being ignored, those viewing the work for the first time felt they were sharing a gaze as part of a group. They have a unifying effect for the viewer. The white space connected each portrait and can be read as a marvelous light in the spiritual realm or a white void of nothingness. The presence of the group became an invitation to look. The common experience of waiting in a checkout line provided the opportunity to really examine the portraits and get to know the subject in an intimate space. Like arriving at the conclusion that one of these subjects could own a cat or dog based on the animal hair present on their shirt,
viewers could become part of the group while remaining the voyeur.  I realized that creating the sense of the anonymous gives the viewer permission to safely join the group, engage, and project one's self into the work. The anonymity becomes a capacitor for reflection. The content was open enough for the viewer to project his or her own assumptions to questions that were unanswered. What are they looking at? What are they waiting for? Who are they? Then more questions arose: What do people ignore? Why? What do they notice? Why? As a whole the series became a series of questions. When displayed as a group a viewer or group of viewers multiply and sustain the work. It’s repetitive. Looking at the back of someone looking at the back of someone else, etc., looking toward infinity. To disengage the piece and walk away sets you apart from the group. There’s a certain inclusive versus exclusive experience that intrigues me.  There’s a concealed identity, a veiling, plus a personal and public duality that led my research forward to the Box series.

- Craig Hawkins 2009

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New things added on NETTIEWAKEFIELD.NET

 My watercolour crushed can works. See the rest of the 'discarded' series : HERE

New Magazine features added on Nettie

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

crushed cig works


Peter Blake 

just found this on google but love it.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A day when i didnt have anything to do.

So i wrote some nonsense. ok?

The Habitual Siren

Nonsense for those who understand that it doesn’t and never will mean anything other than what it doesn’t mean.
Despite most carpets, bowler hats are popular is southwest Asia. This common misconception leads the eternal moonshine to prolong the mountains into volcanoes. It can’t be said for certain that a jolly ranger isn’t afraid of riff raff and Bric-a-brac. Hallucinating in the Atlantic is a cure for the homogonous nature of a captain with no sense of altitude. Frequent studies of cramped crumpets reveal that toast doesn’t always land butter side down, in any case the butter is lighter than most shade of beige.
The triumphant treacle tart tastes delicious served with a sprinkle of paint from the palette of Henri Rousseau. His colours are sublimely mixed together to create smooth grooves in the sand after the tide goes in. Do you think it is a waste to smell and serenade simultaneously?  Frivolously he garnished the salad with a slither of salmon to compliment his almost abnormally large cactus.
Tell me a story of what you did when you didn’t really do it but you got so close and your friend Jenny said that you could have done it anyway? I once thought that even the most terrifying cowboy hat shouldn’t be worn on Easter Sunday because if they were, a meteorite would strike down that fluttering flag with the colours and use it to wrap up one’s belongings like they do in Disney cartoons.
The Holy Bible, I have been told, is actually intended for us to scrunch up and simulate a snowball fight. Trembling in the rain, she told me I shouldn’t have given the sausage to the homeless man. He ate it like he had never sailed a boat before. How can a cash machine try and empty a crate of apples into the lap of an elderly Jewish hypochondriac whose favourite type of cheese is not emmental.  Carol from Eastenders always wears that same coat.
The scruff of his neck was almost exactly identical to the scruff of his throat, if there is a scruff? It’s definitely scrubbed because I can smell the lynx.  The correlation of the stars is probably not the same as the correlation of street lamps down Kentish town road. Sadly the lioness in lyon called the seal a ‘sack of semi-slippy scrotums’. It happened to be that neither the Seal nor the Lion ate another battered fish again.
I once met a brute who played the flute, his music was like a slice of cake that pretended to be a fish finger fossilised in fermenting falsehood like a flapping bird trying desperately to use chopsticks but instead hurling a small Ethiopian child into the giant jaws of a very small beetle. The cello is an instrument that can only be listened to when engaged in a game of chess prior to snakes and ladders.

Sunday, 9 March 2014